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Pláticas/ Conversations

Students, families, and educators come together to engage in dialogue to create educational opportunities for children, youth, and adults. These conversations lead to partnerships with local organizations, schools, colleges, and universities.

Keeping an open dialogue with educators helps families stay aware of the resources and opportunities available to them. This allows families to make better and more informed decisions regarding their children's education. 

Family Centereted Programs

Family-Centered Pedagogy - Family leaders are collaborating with university students, faculty, and administrators to create, implement, and evaluate family-centered class projects in undergraduate courses in chemistry, physics, and mathematics. 

English and Spanish Language Acquisition - Family leaders collaborated with university students and administrators to create a dual language program that helped families practice conversational English and students were able to practice their conversational Spanish.

Family STEAM Night - Family leaders collaborated with high school students and teachers to create interactive learning activities in robotics, chemistry, statistics, animation, and financial literacy. 

Family Math Night - Family leaders from Ave Frontera collaborated with college students to create culturally relevant math activities​

And so much more....

Family Support System

As a member of Ave Frontera, families are able to benefit from educational services and leadership opportunities in all areas of study as well as showcase their own skills to help others. 

The diversity in the experience of the students and their parents creates an exchange of knowledge that everyone contributes to and benefits from.  

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