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Upcoming AVE Frontera website projects

Esteban Salinas Memorial Project

History detailing the life and legacy of Esteban Salinas.  This project will chronicle the life Esteban Salinas lived including his experiences and difficulties in a country less tolerant of Hispanics and other minorities.  Taken from the stories he left behind, both spoken and documented, this project will aim to bring his struggles and his eventual success to the forefront.  His experiences defined his legacy and impact he has on the community and hopefully through this project we can share his importance and legacy with others. 

Oral Histories of AVE Frontera Members

As opposed to a normal chronology which simply states events and dates, the AVE Frontera Oral Histories aims to capture the uniqueness of the organization.  This would be the done through the project's use of oral histories provided by the members themselves to not only build a chronological timeline but to capture the individual and familial experiences that define this organization.  AVE Frontera's uniqueness stems from the familial connections built by its members as well as the positive impact this organization has had on all of us.  Therefore, recording the history of our organization through the stories and perspectives of our members proved to be prudent in telling our story to the world.

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